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JT4739 Applelady Half-Boiled Egg Maker / 2 In 1 Half-Boiled Egg Maker & Ice Bucket

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Product Description

Model                  : JT4739

Brand                   : Apple Lady

*Made in Malaysia*


Eggs are prevented from being under or overcooked thus preserving their nutrients and flavour.

One to four eggs can be prepared at any one time.

Ideal for homes, coffee shops and restaurants.

Additional Use:

The lower container can be used as an ice bucket.

* The body container resistant proof up to +100˚c

Step 1

Place your eggs in the container.

Step 2

Next, pour water up to the level suggested for the number of eggs you cooking.

Step 3

Now, cover the lid and just wait for the water to empty into the catcher. When the egg container is empty of water, you’ll have perfectly cooked eggs!

Container has shown 4 water levels.

1st Water level for 1 Egg

2nd Water level for 2 Eggs

3rd Water level for 3 Eggs

4th Water level for 4 Eggs

!! Maximum boil 4 Eggs at a time. !!

Packaging Dimensions: 16.8cm x 16cm x 16cm

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